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Poland Scholarships

24 Jul 2017

PhD Scholarship for International Students at Polish Academy of Sciences

The Polish Academy of Sciences is Poland’s top Academy of Sciences. It is responsible for spearheading the development of science across the country by a society of distinguis

31 May 2017

PhD Scholarship for International Students at Gdansk University of Technology in Poland

The aim of the scholarships is to encourage the higher study of qualified and excellent foreign students.The Gdansk University of Technology is a technical university and in P

27 May 2017

Scholarships for International Students at Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy in Poland

The Partnership for Observation of the Global Oceans, POGO, is a forum created in 1999 by directors and leaders of major oceanographic institutions around the world to promote

20 May 2017

Ignacy Lukasiewicz Scholarship Programme for Developing Countries in Poland

Scholarships offered as a part of the programme include free 2nd degree studies conducted in Polish language (preceded by a year-long preparation course for taking up studies

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